Public Official Records

How to obtain this service…

Public official record copies may be obtained in the following ways:

  • In person:
    Available by appointment only at the Hall of Records location at 222 W. Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino, CA 92415. Please call (855) 732-2575 to schedule the in-person appointment. Failure to follow the procedures outlined above will result in delay of service and a rescheduling of your appointment.
  • Mail:
    Complete a copy request and mail with the appropriate fees. Mail requests should be returned within one to two weeks of receipt of your request. In order to expedite shipping, please submit the request by one of the express services such as FedEx, Priority Mail, etc. and include a prepaid envelope for the return of your requested copy.
  • Online: 
    You can use our online services using credit card payments only.
    • Non-certified copy requests will be emailed to the provided email address.
    • Certified copy requests will be shipped to the shipping address provided on the request.

Documents are indexed with a document number, a document date, a document title, and the parties to the transaction referred to as grantors and grantees. The Recorder-County Clerk does not have the names of property ownership by address. To search for property ownership in San Bernardino County by assessor’s parcel number please visit the Property Information Management System (PIMS).

Document Search 1958 to the present: Please note this is an index only and does not allow the customer to view the actual document images (GC6254.21). Viewing document contents may only be performed by visiting one of the San Bernardino Recorder-Clerk offices.

Documents recorded prior to 1958

Searches for documents recorded prior to 1958 are performed using the Recorder’s index on microfilm. Viewing document contents may only be performed by visiting the San Bernardino Recorder’s Office main location.

The Recorder’s Office staff does not perform any searches over the telephone.

Official Record Copy Fees

First Page: $3

Each Subsequent Page After First: $1

Certificate Under Seal (Per Page): $1

Complete Fee Schedule, click here.

We do not provide the following services:

Divorce Filings
Court Records
Traffic Tickets

In-person Vital Records requests, Marriage Services and Records Research are available at the San Bernardino Hall of Records location, by appointment. All other services remain available by mail, email and phone.

To book an appointment, call (909) 387-8306