What does an acceptable Documentary Transfer Tax (DTT) Statement consist of?

  • Documentary Transfer Tax is due on all taxable conveyances in excess of $100 at a rate of $.55 per $500 or fractional portion of real property value, excluding any liens or encumbrances already of record. Transfer tax is collected at the time of recording.
  • A Documentary Transfer Tax Declaration must be completed for all conveyances. DTT $dollar amount is not considered an acceptable documentary transfer tax declaration.
  • Per RTC11933 a declaration of the amount of tax due, signed by the party determining the tax or his or her agent, shall appear on the face of the document in compliance with RTC11932 “Every document subject to tax that is submitted for recordation shall show on the face of the document the amount of tax due and the incorporated or unincorporated location of the lands, tenements, or other realty described in the document.”