Business Property


I sold this property years ago. Why are you still sending me tax bills?

The Assessor’s Office does not send out tax bills. The bill will come from the Tax Collector for one of two reasons. Either we failed to update our records after a deed transferring real property was recorded, or the property was transferred by means other than a recorded deed and no notification was sent to the Assessor’s office. Personal property (including boats, aircraft, manufactured homes, and business property) is typically not transferred by a deed, so it is imperative that you notify the Assessor as soon as possible after selling it. The same is true for real property transactions in which a deed is not recorded until the buyer has paid the seller in full and/or satisfied any other conditions of the sale. Please visit the Tax Collector’s website for more information:

How do I enter costs on the property statement schedules?

Go to “Property Belonging to You” section and click on Update button to the left side of the listed schedule. Select the common list of categories or more categories and enter the costs by year of acquisition. To add or delete costs and proceed to the next schedule, you must click Update. Be sure to save each page as complete them so you will not lose any data if your online session times out.

Why aren’t the costs that I reported before showing on the e-file?

If this is your first year e-filing or if last year you changed locations, the costs will not be in the system. If you e-file this year and again next year, the costs you are entering now will be in the system for next year.

Do I need any software?

Yes you need Adobe Reader, which most computers do have. If you do not have Adobe Reader it can be downloaded free from Adobe.

Do I have to print a copy?

After completing the e-file, you should print a copy for your records for future reference, but you do not need to print a copy to send to the Assessor. We will receive your e-filing electronically.

Do I have to send back the paper form I received?

No, by submitting the e-file Property Statement and receiving a confirmation number, we consider this to be a valid business property filing. Just attach the confirmation number and printed e-filed return to the paper form and keep for future reference if necessary. If you do not receive a confirmation number the e-filing did not go through.

Partnerships, where do I put, change, or enter names?

The preview only shows DBA and 2 assessee names, a list is attached that shows the rest of the assessee names entered. In the first section of the e-file website (Situs Section) enter the Assessees as stated on the Business Property Form. Individual partners are entered in the Ownership Section and each partner can be entered as necessary.

Where do I pay Taxes and why isn’t the amount shown in the e-file system?

The tax is collected by the Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector. The Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector sends the tax bills at the end of July. No amount of taxes due is shown in the e-file system.

Why didn’t I receive a property statement in February?

If you e-filed your 2015 property statement, for 2016 you may not receive a 571-L form but only an invitation to e-file. If you would like to file a paper copy of this form instead, you can request a form to file by contacting our office at (909) 382-3220, or downloading a Business Property Statement Request form from our website: Click here

I Have multiple locations do I need a BIN for each location?

Yes, each location requires its own account number and BIN. However, you can register on the website to manage multiple accounts. To register go to the page where you would normally enter your account number and BIN. Click on the button marked ‘Register and Manage My Statements’. You can now consolidate all of your BINs and account numbers into one registered account.

I entered my account number and BIN number but I cannot get into the e-filing system. Location has changed can I still use the same bin number?

It could be that you are using an old BIN number (Business Identification Number); a new BIN number is issued each year. It could also be because of heavy traffic around April 1st and May 9th.

If the name of the business has changed or the location has changed can I still use the same BIN number?

Yes, you can use the same BIN number to make the changes to the business name or location. You can also enter the updated business or location in the remarks section.